How Can You Create A Site Structure That Is SEO-Friendly?




Creating a site structure that is SEO-friendly is important for your online marketing company. By following a few simple guidelines, you can make sure that your site is easy to find and navigate.

Why is site structure important?

It is quite strange to see how often companies overlook site structure. It’s vital to remember that your site structure is a key aspect of your SEO performance. Site structure is an important aspect of SEO. These are just a few of the reasons site structure is so important in building an SEO-friendly website structure.

Great site structures offer a better user experience

A great site design starts with a great structure. A study found that the human brain craves cognitive equilibrium. This is where they can put together pieces and find what they need. Users are satisfied when they have a solid, logical site structure.

You will notice that the more user-friendly your site is, the more it is ranked by search engines. Google uses search data to rank sites. It is important to note that your site will not be ranked in the SERPs if it has low CTRs and a shorter dwell time. If a user can find the site they want, they will not bounce off to other sites and stay longer on your site. A site structure that is accurate to your site will help you reduce bounce rate and increase dwell time. Both of these factors are going to improve your website’s rankings.

Site structure provides site links

Sitelinks can be a type of listing in the search engine. They help to show your website on the main page, along with several internal links. Site links can be a great advantage for your SEO, as we have already mentioned. Site links allow users to navigate your site easily and point them to the relevant information they need. This will increase your brand’s reputation and trust, which in turn will help you dominate SERPs.

It is not possible to go to Google Search Console and fill out forms. You can’t even request a site link. Google’s algorithm will automatically award your website links based on how well-structured your site is. It is less likely that your site will receive a link if it has a poor site structure.

Great Site structure leads to better crawling

Googlebot and other web crawlers crawl your website to find the best content. Their main goal is to return search results. A better structure on your website will allow crawlers to index it easily.

  • Below are some steps to create a site structure.
  • Before you start developing a website, make sure that you have a clear hierarchy.
  • Create an efficient URL structure to help you follow your navigation hierarchy.
  • Site navigation created in HTML or CSS
  • You should ensure that your navigation system is shallow-depth.
  • Create header lists specifically for your main navigation pages.
  • Establish a complete internal linking structure.

Site structure requires careful planning, design, and precise organization. To avoid any future problems, you can build a solid structure before you even create your website. You don’t have to wait until it’s too late to redesign your website. Then it is time to rework your design and reorganize navigational elements.

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